SC-51 Engine analyzer

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Four channel.
Five modes.
AC Coupling.
+/-200 volt range.
1Mohm standard oscilloscope input.

Oscilloscope mode:

-Allow visualization of four fast signals simultaneusly
-Vertical factor selection: 0.2 to 20V/div.
-Horizontal factor selection: 100us a 250ms/div
-Shooting mode:
External: Through inductive clamp connected at the entrance of the external shoot.
Internal: From the same signal than enters through one vertical channel.
-Waveform storage: All visualized waves can be stored with the amount of reference data that the user needs.
-Printing of waveform: All waveform visualized can be printed through the system printer.
-Channel inversion.
-Reference axis.
-Reference signal.

Graphing mode:

Allow visualization of four slow signals simultaneusly like sensor.

Analog multi-meter mode:

Allow visualization of four input voltage as analog voltmeter.

Ignition analizer mode:

Supports electronic ignition (EI) or (DIS)

Bar charts mode:

Allow visualization of four input voltage as bar charts.

Digital Voltmeters :

Displays input voltage in numerical format.

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