SC-01icono.jpg (4877 bytes)


SC-1 Electronic voltage regulators tester


sc-02icono.jpg (5416 bytes)

SC-2 Universal voltage regulators Tester
Sc-03icono.jpg (4763 bytes) SC-3  Auxiliary box sc-04icono.jpg (5935 bytes) SC-4 Electronic ignition module tester

SC-05icono.jpg (4792 bytes)

SC-5 Polarity and wire tester

SC-06icono.jpg (4180 bytes)

SC-6 Floating battery voltage tester

SC-07icono.jpg (3369 bytes)

SC-7 Voltmeter for battery (12 steps)

SC-08icono.jpg (3815 bytes)

SC-8 Pick-up coil and hall sensor ignition tester

SC-09icono.jpg (5109 bytes)

SC-9 Self-powered voltmeter (7V to 35V)

SC-10icono.jpg (5051 bytes)

SC-10 High voltage tester

SC-11icono.jpg (4902 bytes)

SC-11 Generator of digital pulse for injectors

sc-12icono.jpg (2603 bytes)

SC-12 Isolation measurer

sc-13icono.jpg (6819 bytes)

SC-13 Ignition coil tester

SC-15icono.jpg (4892 bytes)

SC-15 Manometer till 10 bar

sc-16icono.jpg (3132 bytes)

SC-16 Generator of digital pulse for injectors

SC-17icono.jpg (2674 bytes)

SC-17 Alternator diode tester

sc-18icono.jpg (5176 bytes)

SC-18 Instrumental trailer SC-19icono.jpg (5053 bytes) SC-19 Volt-ampere meter with amperometric clamp

sc-20icono.jpg (2928 bytes)

SC-20 Voltmeter LCD (200C)

SC-21icono.jpg (4198 bytes)

SC-21 Ampere-meter (with shunt 120A)

sc-22icono.jpg (4066 bytes)

SC-22 Thermometer SC-24 High voltage tester

SC-25icono.jpg (4225 bytes)

SC-25 Amperimeter with amperometric clamp (till 300A)

SC-26icono.jpg (1867 bytes)

SC-26 Amperimeter with amperometric clamp (till 2000A)

sc-30icono.jpg (3766 bytes)

SC-30 Automatic battery charger (10A) sc-31icono.jpg (3053 bytes) SC-31 Automatic battery charger (20A)
SC-32 Automatic battery charger (40A) Sc-35icono.jpg (5689 bytes)
SC-35 Universal regulator power supply
(0-30VCC / 0-5ACC)
Sc-36icono.jpg (4527 bytes)

SC-36 Power supply 12V (AC/DC) 10A

Sc-37icono.jpg (4171 bytes) SC-37 Power supply 12V (AC/DC) 20A
sc-38icono.jpg (6054 bytes) SC-38 Programmable battery tester (max discharge 300A) SC-39icono.jpg (7144 bytes) SC-39 Programmable battery tester (max discharge 600A)

SC-41icono.jpg (5512 bytes)

SC-41 Generator of digital pulse for injectors and test-bank controller

SC-44icono.jpg (5012 bytes)

SC-44 Injection pulse width time meter

sc-51icono.jpg (2729 bytes)

SC-51 Engine analyzer

sc-55icono.jpg (5821 bytes)

SC-55 Universal Scanner
SC-60icono.jpg (2590 bytes) SC-60 Resistive sensor simulator (10ohm to 100Kohm) SC-61icono.jpg (3423 bytes) SC-61 Resistive sensor simulator (1ohm to 1Mohm)

Sc-62icono.jpg (5770 bytes)

SC-62 Resistive sensor and bulb tester SC-63icono.jpg (5577 bytes) SC-63 Idle speed control motor tester
sc-64icono.jpg (4899 bytes) SC-64 MAP tester and simulator Sc-65icono.jpg (5479 bytes) SC-65  Sensor oxygen tester and simulator
Sc-66icono.jpg (3580 bytes) SC-66 Stepping motor tester dpmicono.jpg (4922 bytes) Digital panel meter

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